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Discover, Heal and Love
Your Inner Essence of Self

Gain clarity to identify your authentic self and make better intuitive choices for your life & health.

Why Trust Natural Healing Methods?

Like most, you likely never question consulting a doctor if you have the flu or break a bone. But who do you see when the problem isn’t quite so tangible - when you feel something is wrong deep in your otherwise healthy bones?


Alternative healing methods complement Western medicine by applying a holistic understanding of what it means to be human.


Throughout the centuries, natural healing has been trusted to:

  • Reconnect you with your authentic inner-self

  • Enhance your intuition

  • Combat lower energy feelings of shame, guilt, fear, and grief

  • Transform your life through divination meditation and other high energy healing methods

We take a holistic approach to bettering your wellbeing.

Q: What exactly does this mean?
A: Julie will let your personal goals and her practised intuition guide which of the specialist elements will be incorporated into your natural healing.

This being said, you will reap the benefits of a combination of the below specialty offerings.


Why Now?

You’re here, in this very moment, for a reason. Whether you believe in the magic of manifesting a solution to your problems or in the intentional power of the universe - you are here, and we welcome you.


Founder and healer, Julie Hogan, knows the transformative power of natural healing. Through study, life experience, and a deep desire to help others, Julie has created a safe space prove to support emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Our Clients' Wellbeing Journeys

“Thank you so much for your time, expertise.& friendship today.

What a wonderful gift you have 

Love & light”

Lisa (NSW)

“I was able to experience an amazing face 2 face

tarot card reading with Julie Hogan.
Julie is an intuitive psychic reader who taps into the situation and relay powerful information with integrity. Julie reading brought much needed clarity to the situation. She conveyed the information in the most compassionate, caring, loving way. After Julie’s reading I felt uplifted and positive.

I strongly recommend recommend a Tarot session with Julie”

M. R. (USA)


Our Story

Hi, beautiful you! I’m Julie Hogan, the creator of Natural Healing Methods, and I wish you the warmest of welcomes.


As a holistic energy healer and soulistic mentor, I strongly believe in the interconnectedness between our energetic, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Throughout my own life experiences, I have struggled with feelings of doubt, pain, anxiety and grief.


My wellbeing suffered from a heady mix of childhood trauma, familial court hearings, the responsibility of caring for my psychosis-stricken mother, and the sudden loss of my sister. These low energy feelings amplified when personal injury limited my mobility, and I was left to sit (quite literally) and get to know my inner self.


From the depths of my loss and grief, my intuition radiated the certainty that these negative emotions would pass and transform into boundless positive potential.


You may resonate with my life experiences, as many of us have faced some form of emotional trauma, physical abuse, or profound loss. If you’ve luckily made it this far without such experiences, likely, you’ve still felt societal pressures to feel or behave in a certain way.


As our collective experiences inform how we view, understand, and interact with the universe, we often act in conflict with our spiritual selves. I knew I had more to offer myself and my future children than the repeated past of my childhood and mistakes of earlier generations.


My lifelong love of learning and wish to help others harmonise their lives and spiritual desires culminated in the creation of Natural Healing Methods. I have gained the below formal qualifications and several others, yet I remain an earnest student of the University of Life:

  • Certificate Soul Coaching

  • Certified Angel Guide and Tarot

  • Diploma of Hypnotherapy

  • Certificate 1: Solution Focused Couples Therapy

  • Certificates 1 & 2: Mirroring Hands

  • Tarot Card Advisor


My wish is that each soul who finds the peace of meditation through my teachings will feel they’ve started a new insightful and hopeful chapter in life. Through meditation, chakra clearing, and divination, I hope to help you find the clarity, oneness, and enlightenment I have personally experienced after many years of walking miles in shoes just like yours.


Soulistic Mentor:
A healer of the mind, body, soul & emotions.

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