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Julie's books

Australian author Julie Hogan has released two book, available to find out more and to buy below.

Flying Out of the Cuckoo Nest is a confronting, raw, and heartfelt story. It will leave you asking the question—is this fiction or nonfiction?
This story explores the effects of long-term family violence, and how a toxic relationship between parents continues to influence their four children’s lives into adulthood.
Two siblings, Julie and Grace, are compelled to help their ageing parents as their mental and physical health declines. All hell breaks loose, resulting in the eldest sibling being served with a restraining order to protect the sisters and their families.

Josie Goes To the Moon is an early learning book written for children from zero to seven years.

This book is designed to help children and caregivers to go on a journey and interact with one another.

This little book will help children learn and to ask questions and to trust their intuition—the answers to most questions lay within ourselves or within reach. The children will learn no question is silly, and it is ok to be inquisitive.

It is a journey on different ways to travel, the ultimate how we can reach the moon.

I hope you never stop dreaming!

RRP $14.95; Hardback

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