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Client Agreement - Natural Healing Methods by Julie Hogan known as The Soulistic Mentor

My Commitment to you 

  • Please read code of ethics I will up hold all code of ethics

  • Provide a safe sacred and private space during your session

  • Your session will be given without judgment of issues or decision you make or have made 

  • Your session will be kept private and confidential unless written consent is given by each client

  • I will be punctual and give you my devoted attention during your session 

  • I will be honest and transparent with the messages I receive from the Tarot and divination.

  • I will respect each client’s decision and free will of client’s actions, boundaries and choices to do whatever they desire with the information given during our session and after their session.

  • I will contact the client within a month of our session  to check in on their journey and what action they took moving forward if any.

  • I may suggest Tips from my Love (Y)our Energy Program to help you move forward but it is up to you to take action need to imminent.


Clients Commitment 

  • Read and sign Agreement form -client information form -read the code of ethics

  • Be punctual and on time

  • I will not turn up under the influences of alcohol or illegal drugs 

  • I will be honest and transparent with my questions.

  • I will respect the messages I am given, even though I may not agree or understand them at the given time. I understand more answers may come in a day a week, a month

  • I understand Julie is a facilitator for my messages and all answers lay within myself .With the help of Julie and The Tarot ,I can find the answers I seek from within myself.

  •  I understand nothing is ever set in stone, I have free will and choice to choose to take action from messages and reading or not. 

  • You maybe asked to give feedback or tell how your session change your prospective /issue or situation? 


Julie Hogan and Natural Healing Methods services

Please have icon box to tick in front of each offer 


Note -All sessions with Julie run for 1-hour fees $130.oo Australian  Excluding  all  group sessions

  • Tarot Card Reading with meditation

  • Oracle Card & meditation, mentoring session 1 hour 

  • F2f in person reading

  • F2F Zoom /Messenger Session 

  • Email Reading and written reply =$100

  • Chakra clearing and alignment (Balance and align all aspects of your life)

  • F2F in person or Zoom Session 


Group Session – up to 8 people $800 for 3-hour session

  •  Gold Coast only or Out Side Gold Coast Travel and accommodation fees apply   

  • Connection &Calmness in the work place

  • Girls get together, Hen’s night, baby shower 

  • Mini lady retreats -More information phone contact Natural Healing Methods 

Please note your experience with Julie will be unique experience and Julie has the right to offer you to understand and learn from her modalities and Tips from Love (Love yOur Vital energy) 



  • Fees must be paid through website at the time of making your appointment 

  • As you click your selection you will be taken to an appointment booking Calendar

  • Select your-

  • Date 

  • Time 

  • Make your Payment. A receipt will be automatically generated for your session with Julie.

  • Appointments are strictly kept to the time frame indicated -Refer to code of ethics

  • If you’re appointment is a zoom call, make sure you login 5 minutes before hand and ensure your technology is set up and working.

  • You will receive a automatic email will a link for your private zoom session. 

  • No refund will be given within 48 Hours of cancelation before the appointment date.

  • You will have a chance to reschedule once only if your choice to do so. 

  • Sessions -refer to code of ethics

  • Be punctual the hour begins from your appointment time.


Confidentiality and Privacy -refer to code of ethics

As a Biddy Tarot Advisor and a Soulistic Mentor all personal details and information is documented   

All documents will be placed in a private and secure place and will never be used unless the clients have given written permission or ask to be attained by legal authorities.

Session with Julie Hogan are strictly private and confidential and will be performed in a safe ,secure private space unless the session is group session. 

Disputes Resolution 

All issues or disputes must be presented in writing to Julie Hogan before any further action maybe sort.

A meeting can then be agreed upon, where the parties can calmly present their case to one another.

If a solution or a mutual agreement can not be found a third party may be sorted.

Should third person be involved to resolve any disputes, all fees and payment will be upon the parties taking action.

We are all human and we are all connected but we do have different interpretations and feelings, we can learn to agree to disagree while respecting each other’s views, cultures and beliefs.

Limitation on Liability

Please refer to code of ethics –

  • Julie Hogan is not a Doctor /Lawyer/Financial advisor please do not ask for advice in this area.

  • Tarot cards are not for telling you your future or fortune, Tarot messages can and  do give you options and answers to what pathways are available to you.

  • Julie will not answer question on third parties

  • Julie does not read for minors or clients under influence of alcohol or illegal drugs 

Thanks for submitting!

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