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Natural Healing Methods – Code of Ethics

Julie Hogan known as The Soulistic Mentor 

Julie Hogan


 offerings –

 Messages from the Tarot, Oracle card and Meditation

 Chakra clearing and balancing  Session.

Tips from my Love Program -Love (Y)Our Vital Energy

I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist /psychotherapist and a member of IICT.

I have a passion to help clients connect and align spiritually, physically and psychologically to their inner essence.

 I can also help you find your answers from within using combination of modalities.
By facilitating Tarot Card Mediation Session with me I will help you find your sacred place of calmness and answers?

By Learning to Connect & understand your inner energies vibration.


.Julie’s sessions –

  • Email tarot readings

  • F2F in person or zoom sessions 

  • Group party for up to 8 guests card readings for fun, gathering of friends or a baby shower.

  • Meditation and Tarot gathering.


 5 Steps to Book a session with Julie and The Tarot

The Process when booking a Tarot Session with Julie Hogan


Read Code of Ethics 

Fill in the-

  • Enrolment form returned signed 

  • Agreement form


Choose your session


Pay for your session

You will receive a receipt and confirmation of your appointment  




Confidentiality and Privacy


As a Biddy Tarot Advisor and a Soulistic Mentor all personal details and information is documented   

All documents will be placed in a private and secure place and will never be used unless the clients have given written permission or ask to be attained by a legal authority.

Session with Julie Hogan are strictly private and confidential and will be performed in a secure private space unless group work is involved. 

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. If you must cancel or reschedule, we require a 48-hour notice, as late cancelation will prevent me from helping others. Because of this your are financially responsible for 75% of the scheduled fee if a cancelations occurs within 48 hours of your scheduled time. If you must cancel or reschedule due to an emergency, please notify Julie Hogan as soon as possible


Honesty and Transparency 

Julie works on the premise of respect, gratitude, honesty and integrity.

 She believes respect for each person’s uniqueness and gifts is essential and the connection to all in

our universe offers gifts and learnings.  

Messages from the Tarot will not be sugar coat. Julie will share what she sees in the tarot with honesty and transparency.

Sessions are highly confidential so when asking questions, it is important for you to get to the heart of your rule question to get most out of a session. 

You may not always receive the answers in the form you may imagined from Tarot or divination.

You may uncover the answers you seek, within a day a week or even a mouth.

When asking The Tarot questions, it is important to ask open ended empowering question.

  You may be asked to rephase your question.

The Tarot should not be used to tell your future, it can help you to decide which paths are best to take and how to solve issues. The Tarot does help to solve issues and can give you directions best to take on your journey. But it is the responsibility of each client to take action and to choose their pathway way forward with their unique messages from the Tarot.

Julie Hogan will not conduct a Session. should the client be under the influence of unprescribed drugs or alcohol 

Quote-As in life nothing is set in stone. Stones can be moved and reshaped at any time you choose.


Compassion and Nonjudgement

Julie’s promise to you is to be present and create a sacred space for you, where you will feel safe in each session be it by Email reading, F2F. Group Session.  

The sacred space which is created for you, The Tarot, Julie and the space are cleared and cleansed before and after each session. This ritual helps to open space for the energies to flow to receive answers and messages with clarity.

 During your session with Julie, she will not pass any judgements on your life choices, decisions or experiences.

Respect and honest mutual understanding give for an empowering session and works like the infinity loop, flowing energy as one. 

Reading for Third Party 

 To protect the privacy of others Julie will not read for a third party (eg. Does John really love Sally?) Where possible I will rephrase the question to focus the reading on what is directly related to my client Reading without another person’s permission is unethical and goes against the ethics of a Biddy Tarot Advisor and against Natural Healing Methods code of ethics.


Medical /Financial /Legal Advice 

Julie Hogan is not a Doctor /Accountant/lawyer and will not give advice related to these professions.

Please don’t seek Medical /Financial or Legal Advice if you are seeking any answers attached to these professions Julie encourages you to seek advice from professionals in these fields. 


Duty of care

As human we have a responsibility to each and every person to keep each of us safe.

Should any person have dark thoughts during a session –

Such as -self-harm or

 Inflicting Harm upon another person, it is our duty of care to render comfort and notify the appropriate authorities ASAP to help the person in stress. 


Reading For Minors 

Julie will not give a reading to a minor (a person under the age of 18 years)

Please when filling out your paperwork it is important to filling Date of Birth for this reason.


Your Free Will and Empowerment 

 Julie will honour your spirit of free will and your boundaries. 

I will provide guidance and insight, but I will not make definitive predictions nor take away the free will of my clients 

I will allow clients to take responsibility for the decisions and actions they take following a Tarot reading 

Whatever messages and answers you receive from the Tarot; please understand they are gifted to you do whatever you desire with your answers. 

We as humans can choose the paths less travelled or choose the path others have tread but usually there are many more choices, please understand it is your choices.



Client content and release : 

I am of legal age and in consideration of my acceptance as participant in a Natural Healing Methods eg (Tarot, mentoring, meditation, Chakra Alignment or any other service session with Julie Hogan training or seminar.

 I for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assignees, do hereby release and discharge Natural Healing Methods and Julie Hogan or other participants from claims of damages, copyright, demands or actions whatsoever in any manner arising from participation. Further, I understand that audio video and documented recordings are made during sessions and that Natural Healing Methods and Julie Hogan retains the copyright of these recordings 

I have declared that I have read this consent and release and that I fully understand and agree to the terms described .I acknowledge receipt of a copy of this statement 


Client signature………………………………………………………………………………


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