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Energy Healing


Why energy healing works. For centuries philosophers have explored the question ‘How does life function’? Quantum mechanics proposes that fundamental particles also known as particles of energy can be in one or two million places at once, can pass through impenetrable barriers and make connections with other particles seen and unseen over vast distances (Schrodinger, 1944). Our whole universe is made up of these particles.

‘Everything in life is vibration.’ —Albert Einstein

So we live in a universe that is based on vibrational frequency. In the western world, we know this frequency to be energy. Quantum theory proposes that a frequency of a higher vibration will elevate a lower vibration to its equal level. It is also proposed that thought waves also influence and alters frequency vibrations. Every intention or focused thought projected by a person onto the quantum field changes the field, according to the thought that enters it. But how is this relative to energy healing? When working with another person with the intention of transmitting high vibrational healing onto their aura or energy field that will raise their frequency.  When a person’s frequency is raised they are in closer connection with the flow of consciousness and as a result becomes more aware of themselves as the observer of their daily experiences … instead of being directly affected by them (Hawkins, 2003). This scientifically and widely practised approach to healing has undeniable positive results when it comes to energy blocks or disease.

Energy clearing and raising your vibrational frequency is extremely effective if you find yourself in any conflict situations feeling:
  • Angry towards others

  • Fearful or anxious

  • Of not being good enough

  • Physically heavy

  • Generally unwell

  • Unworthy, sad or apathetic

When we clear and raise the energy that comprises our energy field our life becomes lighter, not only physically but emotionally and mentally.

‘When the law of attraction is able to function without interruption … we manifest the things we desire readily and easily.’

Hypnotherapy Healing Centre draws from and practices a combination of clearing techniques to increase energy flow with the aim of empowering us to release belief systems that are actually holding us back from the life experiences we really want. By unlocking the stories, thoughts and belief patterns stored in our genetic makeup, and by reprogramming the genetic cells, which negatively impact the way we feel, think and react to problematic situations … the life we desire is possible.

‘Science is now proving the effectiveness of what traditional esoteric healers have used as energy medicine for centuries.’

Meditating in Mountains
Image by Mitch Meyers


HO’PONO PONO is a modality that is life changing. By turning off our analytical mind and moving into our intuitive and feeling HEART, forgiveness comes easily and the benefits for our wellbeing are incredible.

The Hawaiian meaning of HO’OPONOPONO simply means correction. In our everyday existence in three-dimensional reality, we experience life as being outside of ourselves. We usually respond or react externally to experiences or stimuli that come into our awareness or contact. HO’OPONO PONO is a beautiful heart healing technique that reminds us – there is nothing outside of us and that our perception of reality is projected outwardly from our internal world. We are reminded that we are connected to everything in the universe which include our surroundings. We are connected to the smallest ant, the largest tree, the rubbish heap we encounter, the beautiful lake—everything!

Negative situations happen to everyone – HO’OPONO PONO reframes our approach to these situations by reminding us that we are the creators of our negative experiences. It allows us to see and take responsibility for what we are creating. The teachings guide us to look at these encounters as a blessing and learning, rather than from a position of victim mentality. HO’OPONO PONO is a process of clearing and cleaning out old belief systems, thought patterns and attached criticisms that are contributing to our negative situations – when we do this we heal, grow and expand to a higher level of awareness and connection to our intuition.  This ancient teaching, originating from indigenous Hawaiian healers, shows us that resentment blocks our energy flow to higher frequencies and why forgiveness and reconciliation is the path to our healing and a higher level of consciousness.

‘HO’OPONOPONO shows us how to erase, forgive and let go of past programming … so we can CLEAR and CLEANSE back to ZERO LIMITS’

Here at Hypnotherapy Healing Centre, we are fully trained in the teachings delivered by Dr IhaleakalaHew Len and Dr Joe Vitale. The ancient wisdom of HO’OPONOPONO is gaining immense interest in the western world. It is being hailed as an essential complementary therapy to healing any undesirable situation and is especially powerful in reconciling relationships. When we heal ourselves the healing energy is passed through our family, ancestors, friends, the world and universe … there is no separation so the change is instant.

Hypnotherapy Healing Centre

This HEART-CENTERED approach to healing reminds us that the practitioner and client’s energies are connected, making this form of facilitated therapy for very effective for energy healing. For more information, see my hypnotherapy services page.

“The only task in your life and mine is the restoration of our identities – our minds—back to their original state, void or zero. I call it erasing one's data history”

—Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.

Many esoteric healing modalities reveres the HEART as a major energy portal to higher levels of frequency.

Heart Math Institute (HMI) has conducted extensive research on the bio-magnetic field generated by the human heart. Heart Math’s research recognises that the heart is not simply an organ that pumps blood around our bodies but is another brain.  It is now a fact that the heart’s electromagnetic field is 5000 times stronger than that of the brain and can be detected several feet away from the body with sensitive magnetometers (Braden, 2000). What this means is that our heart operates differently from the brain humans rely on, immensely in this day and age. It also indicates that our heart has its own intelligence   (Pearsall, 1998). Research shows that when we shift into a coherent state the heart and brain synchronize into one, drastically reducing stress levels and increasing mental capacity. When we are in this state of coherence our awareness is also heightened and we can feel people as well as sense situations in order to discern whether the situation or person is a good match for us. However, because we tend to operate with our brain most of the time we are unaware of these expansive levels we can experience.

Hypnotherapy Healing Centre

We facilitate heart-brain integration through a variety of learned and proven techniques. The process involves clearing outdated data by erasing with the intention of entraining the client with that of the practitioner’s i.e., healing. Working with a combination of modalities to integrate not only the heart with the brain but integrate all seven chakra systems so they are all working in a coherent union is the focus of the healing. Click here to contact me for more information.

Image by Khadeeja Yasser
Image by Jared Erondu


‘It is no longer a secret that scientifically through the universal laws of physics we know we are all connected by an energy, unseen by the majority of human beings’.

The etheric fields of energy that surround us and emanate from us (some call this the aura or auric fields), is not something that we see, feel or sense in our everyday lives. Clairvoyants and trained healers can access higher frequency levels where these layers of etheric fields are evident. We all have the ability to feel our connection and utilise this field, however, we need to raise our vibrational frequency in order to experience this. Also known as the biofield the etheric energy field is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and hypothetical subtle energy, or chi.

‘When we are in a state of conscious connection with the bio field in and around us we open up to unimaginable potential’.

The Hawaiian’s as well as many other spiritual traditions understand our connection to the whole. They call this the AKA connection: There is a connection to everything and everybody we come in contact with, not only physically by mentally through our thought field.

The close relationships, people and situations that we are consciously in contact with, have stronger connections than where contact is less. In most cases because of our values to family, work and expectations we will put up with, persevere and not even question old embedded connections that are causing us inner conflict. These negative connections drain and block the flow of our energy field constantly—without our knowing. We do however feel a feeling of heaviness when we think or come in contact with that situation (connection) or person, where a cord is established. When our frequency is vibrating at low levels, problems arise in areas of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Locating and cutting these energetic cords is effective in clearing energy depletion. By disconnecting the emotion that is attached to the cords built from our past experiences (J. Allen, 2014) we increase our energy levels, wellbeing and potential to create anything our heart desires—literally.

Hypnotherapy Healing Centre uses a variety of techniques to identifying and energetically cut etheric cords built on negative past and present experiences—in order to free up our energy and get it flowing as it should.

‘Energy healing complements traditional medicine, helps with supporting the immune system, shortens healing time after surgery, reduces pain, relieves stress, cultivates a sense of inner peace, and helps understand and treat the deeper causes of disease and problematic situations’.

—Julie Hogan

Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Energy Clearing Facilitator.

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