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Grief and trauma

Grief can be a difficult experience. Most of us experience some form of grief at points in our lives.

Grief can come in many forms:

  • Divorce or break up of a relationship

  • Terminal illness

  • Accident or disability

  • Financial stresses

  • Loss of home

  • External world influences that have impacted upon you in a personal way

  • Loss of lifestyle

  • Loss of something you cared about

  • Loss of a pet


We are all unique and will go through a variety of emotions, feelings and thought patterns when grieving.

Hypnotherapist Julie Hogan can gently guide and help clients navigate through the process of grief. She allows the person to feel supported and know that they are not alone.


Trauma can manifest in anxiety attacks, feelings of being on edge, feeling ashamed and depressed. Trauma can be even be passed down through our DNA as unresolved emotions from our parents .

Trauma may be hidden in our implicit memory.

What can cause trauma:

  • A person raising their voice at you

  • A medical condition affecting yourself, a family member or friend

  • Something you have seen or heard

  • Domestic violence

  • Mental abuse, physical abuse or bullying

  • An accident

Hypnotherapist Julie Hogan can uncover the why, when and where of emotions that may be related to trauma. She assists in detaching from the emotion so we are able to work with, understand, and heal.

In summary, the process involves discovering the implicit memory and re-firing and wiring the neurological system.

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