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Loving Our Vital Energy

What are your legacies?

Why are these legacies important to you?

What are your desires for your family?

Why are these important for them?

Gossip Is Low Energy.

What others think and say about us is none of our business.


Don't buy in on gossip, it will only bring you or someone else grief.


What will you do if you're with a group who are gossiping?

  • Will you walk away?

  • Sit and say nothing?

  • Ask the group, 'Would you like this said about you?'

  • Ask the group, 'What do you say about me when I am out of ear shot?'

  • Do you think that if they are talking about that person behind their back, 'What are they saying about me when I'm not around?'

  • Would I like that said about me?

He said, she said. There are no winners!

Is the familiar working for you?

Are you willing to make the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar and keep growing?

Neuron pathways - Did you know, when learning something new neuron pathways double?

When you do not continue to learn and grow these new pathways, they become disconnected and you go back to your familiar. It takes six weeks to change a habit.

Brain Signals to glands which sends chemicals into your body; your body reacts by holding the emotions which, are attached to those chemicals.

Our bodies are programmed from the age of 0 to 7 years, with feelings of emotions. Now some of these feelings or reactions may not even have truths attached.

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