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Meet Julie - Clinical Psychotherapist / Hypnotherapist / Energy Healer

Her Story.

Julie is an advocate against domestic violence and speaks out to educate people of a rare disease, CJD. This disease kills one in a million people and is active in Australia with no known cure.

Her path is forever helping, learning, creating, and mediating, and she loves hanging out with her family and friends.

Julie is eclectic in most art forms and is an extrovert and a romantic at heart.

She is an introvert around new people and an extrovert around friends and family.

We have tried to give you a view into who Julie is both in 'her story' and in these photographs taken by the amazing Celeste from Novasoma.

Developed by Dr. David R. Hawkins, the Map of Consciousness explains the classification and characteristics of these energy fields to make them easily comprehensible and useful in daily life.

At 200, power first appears to develop and by 500 has the ability to dissolve negatively.

A person may operate on one level in any given area of life. An individuals overall level of consciousness is the sum total effect of all levels.

To raise the emotional energy within all your life by living in the intuitive conscious mind.

Everything is made up of energy. Our bodies are made of 70% fluid. The vibration of energy flows more fluently through liquid. Energy vibration does not flow in solid matter as freely. Low emotional energies are not fluent, they are heavy.

Our thoughts, words, feelings and emotions are all energy vibrations. When we are going through lower energies; shame, guilt, grief, fear and pride, these energies get stuck within our mind, nervous system, chakra system and body. They attract more of the same energy's feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

We can up lift ourselves out of these lower ego levels of emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Grief is an emotion every person will experience sometime in their life. A loss of relationship, person, pet, loss of capacity or finances. There are seven stages of grief and not everyone goes through each level and we may go through the seven stages differently to someone else.

Remember, you are not alone when experiencing grief. My findings are, when we have done all that we have for the person or pet etc. by connecting to our intuitive consciousness, it lowers the impact of grief. When we make grief about what we will miss about he person etc. this is the ego mind. By accepting and knowing without guilt attached the impact of grief is less of a journey and more about compassion of the spirit for the person who has passed. You can feel sad up to two years while grieving.

I believe that the Divine is not a religion, it is someone or energy higher than physical being.

Remember, not all parts of our lives experience the same emotions.

If all aspects of your life were vibrating at the level of shame you would not be living on this earth as a physical being.

Anger is a flowing energy, when used to inspire to help others and ourselves. This is not a negative but a positive.

Raising Energy.

We all have choices. We can choose to live in the ego fear conscious mindset or we can choose to learn ways to lift our energy to live in the present moment in our intuitive conscious mind. The fastest way I have found to go into my intuitive self is to sit quietly, close your eyes, and count. Breathe in through your nose and count to four [4] - Hold and count to three [3] - and breathe out through your mouth and slowly count to seven [7].

Gratitude and blessings lift the emotional energies in our lives, family, and Universe:

  • Acts of kindness towards others.

  • Rhythmic Breathing

  • Mindfulness

  • No gossip - do you join in or walk away?

  • No judgement - listen to yourself talk and listen to your thoughts.

  • 10 commandments (some may be out-dated).

  • Ho'oponopno

  • Chakra cleaning

  • Meditation

  • Dancing

  • Yoga

  • Music

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