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Are you ready to
Balance your chakras?

Release the past & flow into the future with balance and clarity, through Chakra Clearing and Balancing. 

What is Chakra Clearing & Balancing?

Chakra Clearing allows you to identify what is holding you back in life (blocked chakra). By clearing and pulling, cutting cords and unhooking hooks, divine light will flow from above and below which cleanses and heals. Realign your mind, body, and soul and feel the high energies & positive vibrations.. Helping you to Flourish with no limitations. 


Benefits of the Practice

Release Blocked Chakras

Each Chakra plays a part in your unique foundation of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and physical health. If you’re willing and open to putting in the work you will see the true power of your mind. Past cords may attach subconsciously to you from things you have heard, seen, or felt. These cords no longer serve you in a positive way and impact you both emotionally and physically. 


Chakra clearing will help you detach these past cords and allow for love, clarity & prosperity to flow through you both internally and externally. Whenever lower energies appear, you will have a quicker recovery time - through understanding and learning a few simple excises.

Overall wellbeing

When just one Chakra is blocked or out of sync it can affect you negatively both physically and emotionally. You may experience physical illness or feel as though you’re stuck in issues and situations that make you feel like you have no control in your life. 


Dr. Steph Purges' studies the polyvagal systems, which refer to a connection to the nervous system. When your nervous system is in ventral, your body is relaxed and your mind is calm clear you have a feeling of being safe.

Studies have shown the power of the mind and practices such as Chakra Clearing, can overcome health issues, behaviours, and patterns of habits if you’re willing to put in the energy and believe anything is possible. 

How will it work?

It is crucial that meditations are professionally guided in order to heal effectively. Julie runs every practice withholding sacred space and no judgement, it is an experience of recovery and growth for you, embodying a development of balance in your life. 

White Sand and Stone
“Everything in our universe is made up of energy and DNA.”
(Albert Einstein)

Main Chakras System 

WE are all connected through many life force energies.

All things have a purpose. Be it as small as a bee that pollinates our food, a beautiful forest with energy to calm, heal and filter the air we breathe and supply medicines.  You also came into this world with a purpose to share your learnings, teachings, discoveries or your creations.

Julie believes the reason we are here in this physical world is to help each other evolve into higher emotional energies.

Energy can be changed or transformed but it can not be removed. 


The main chakras Julie concentrates on are numbers one to seven. Connecting the chakra system to your health, foundations such as relationships, environment, finance, wealth, issues, desires and transformation.

Every Chakra is energized by colour, essential oils, flora, animals, music and crystals, which relate to and help with the healing processes or reenergizing for positive transformation or desires to manifest. 

What are the Magical Chakra Connections and Benefits?

0 - Earth Star Chakra - Alignment with magnetic core 
Connection to feeling grounded with at one with mother earth = Gaia
Is at the ball of your foot 45cm below the sole of your feet
Colour: Black, Gold 
Crystal: Nuummite

1st Root Chakra - is at the base of your torso running up your spine, arms, legs, colon and bladder
Relates to your foundations - family, relationships, home, finances (your job + business)  
Colour: Red
Crystal: Ruby, Garnet 
Essential Oils: Cedarwood, frankinsense, patchouli, sandlewood, vetiver
Flowers: Red (4 petal lotus, hibiscus, camerllias or red flowering shrubs)
Animal Symbol: Elephant 
Element: Earth

2nd Sacral Chakra - is about 2cm below your belly button - Sexual organs, reproductive organs 
Relates to connection with mother, past partners, present or future partners and infertility issues 
Julie suggests: Clearing and cleansing The Sacral before beginning a new partnership. You may be taking old energy into your new relationship
Colour: Orange 
Crystal: Amber, tiger eye
Essential Oil: YlangYlang, patchouli, rose, orange
Flower: Orange marigolds, birds of paradise, tiger lilies, hibiscus
Animal: Badger, tortoise
Element: Water

3rd Solar Plexus - is above your belly button, near the upper stomach and digestive pancreas 
Relates to decision making, courage and that gut feeling 
Colour: Yellow 
Crystal: Citrine, pyrite 
Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang, lemongrass, lavender, helichrysum, blackpepper          
Flower: Yellow dandelions, honeysuckle, daffodils, chamomile 
Animal: Ram, skunk               
Element: Fire 

4th Heart Chakra - is within the heart lungs and chest  
Relates to love, passion and compassion. Healing past shades of heartache and grief
Colour: Green  
Crystal: Jade, rose quartz
Essential Oil: Rose, lavender                  
Flower: Red or pink roses, orchids, carnations, azaleas
Animal: Bear, porcupine        
Element: air 

5th Throat Chakra - is within the throat, thyroid and neck 
Relates to self-expressing, communication, truth-telling, hearing and seeing. 
Colour: Blue   
Crystal Blue topaz, blue lace agate 
Essential oils: Frankincense, lavender, rosemary, peppermint
Flowers: Bluebells, hyacinths, morning glory 
Animal: Lion  
Element: Space, ether

6th Third Eye Chakra - is within the pineal gland between the right and left hemisphere of the brain, 2cm above your eyebrow and about 5cm inwards
Relates to your inner intuitive self, psychic ability, wisdom and gifts, using all of your senses 
Colour: Purple  
Crystal: Amethyst, turquoise
Essential Oil: Lavender, clary sage, ylang-ylang, rosemary, sandalwood, vanilla, pine                  
Flower: Lavender, lilac, hydrangeas, sweetpeas, violets, petunias
Animal: Owl                    
Element: Light

7th Chakra - is at the crown of the head
Relates to your spiritual connection to the divine source energies (not religious, but of greater power than ourselves), to sleep, the head and headaches 
Colour: Indigo, clear white light
Crystal: Clear quartz, diamonds, selenite 
Essential Oil: Lavender, rosewood, vanilla, balsam of Peru, vitiver, cedarwood               
Flower: White & violet lilies, jasmine, perwinkles, geraniums 
Animal: Eagle  
Element: Is pure spiritual energy, therefore doesn’t associate with the elements, transends physical body and matter.  

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