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Find the light within to connect you to your true inner self and all in this universe through meditation

Mediation is an empowering journey of self-love that fosters improved relationships, life balance, inner and internal harmony

What is Meditation? 

Meditation is the spiritual practice of reconnecting with your higher consciousness.
The experience can be practised anywhere quiet and that is comfortable, whether amongst nature, in the home or within a professional studio. It is a chance to find positivity and answers from within.

Preserving Your Brain Capacity

Meditating has been shown to increase the volume of grey matter in your brain, directly influencing your movement, memory and emotions.

Department of Neurology, UCLA, 2015

Eradicating Fears

The act of meditation decreases activity in the brain’s DMN, the network responsible for mind-wandering and self-referential thoughts that can result in rumination and worry.

Department of Psychiatry, Yale, 2011

Reducing Social Anxiety

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to trigger changes in the brain regions involved in attention, while providing relief from the symptoms of social anxiety.

Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Vol 8, 2013

Self Discovery

Spiritual Meditation can guide you to both discovering and understanding your unique self. Deep dive into your innermost self and feel connected to your intuition, imagination, inner zen. Ultimately, you will connect to a higher source of energy that will empower you to manifest your dreams and discover your connection to who you desire to become. In life, we are always learning, growing and expanding our energies.

3 Benefits of the Practice

Each session addresses the individual sense of self, goals, concerns and connections with others in three main areas, to produce an improvement  in connection intuition physical and emotional consciousness 

White Sand and Stone
“Let your light shine bright and light up all who surround you.”

1. Accepting your Soul

This practice is an effective tool for raising your vibrational energies and overcoming your personal obstacles and issues. By nurturing your self-esteem it will significantly impact every other area of your life including relationships, career, physical health and happiness, meditation is an advanced exercise for entering and balancing the mind to achieve a brighter mindset and higher self worth. 


Through Julie’s guided sessions, each part of your inner self will be explored to uncover happiness within. You will encounter a rewiring of your spirituality, embodying acceptance, love and peace in your mind, body and inner self.

2. Finding Peace in Relationships

A feeling of disconnection between oneself and others is an experience every person will face in their lifetime. At times, the hope to reconnect can feel distant and unattainable. Empowering individually is an effective method for repairing broken bonds and building on the lost magnetic attraction. Meditation is crucial for personal balance. The experience enables an individual to understand any (neglect) oversight  that may have been endured in the past or that is being handed on to others. 


The sessions allow your sacred space to self soothe and release, an activity often surpassed in the craziness of your daily life. Allowing your spirituality to attract positive energies. Friends, children and loved ones will regain a level of peace as a result of self-healing through the practice because the relationship will continue with mindfulness for all involved.

White Sand and Stone
“If we teach every five-year-old child in our universe how to meditate,
There would be peace, calmness and love in our world”
Diminish all Wars (unknown)
White Sand and Stone
I offer you peace
I offer you love
I offer you friendship
I see your beauty
I hear your needs
I feel your feelings
My wisdom flow from the highest source
I salute that source within you
Let's work together for unity and peace”
(Mahatma Gandhi)

3. Discovering Personal Bravery

The mind has no limits. Deeper gratitude for the body and soul's capabilities is the only guide for unlocking the greater successes of life and the best personal pathway for the future. The practise of meditation trains the conscious to overcome habits that do not serve personal development, liberating you into a state of motivation, change and healing. 


Guided sessions will focus on entrusting in healthier routines that drive you to be the best version of yourself. The processes are gratifying. Meditations may begin with doubt and end with visions of success, abundance and joy. Each person will experience a separate level of insightfulness during the meditation, depending on the intention they set. The level of results will depend on your free will, to accept, let go and allow success during each session.

How will it work?

It is crucial that meditations are professionally guided in order to heal effectively. Julie runs every practice withholding sacred space and no judgement, it is an experience of recovery and growth for you, embodying a development of balance in your life. 

How Meditation Fulfils Personal Goals

Meditations with Set Intent

Practices begin with intention setting, as a form of direction and manifestation for your future. To feel abundance within yourself is to set an intention for your meditation, this enables you and Julie to work together, to relax into a new form.

There is a variety of justifications people may be seeking:

  1. Answers?

  2. Inner healings?

  3. Habits?

  4. Concerns?

  5. Relationships?

  6. Direction?

  7. Mindfulness?

Breathing into Better Life Outcomes

The entrance of meditation is perfectly personal. A unique breathing technique will be selected by Julie on a case-by-case basis to relax you into your conscience and to feel the transformation forming in your spirituality (inner self). A collection of methods can be used to trigger the cathartic experience.

Beginning with...

a. Beginning with rhythmic breathing involves following the beat of inhalation to lower the heart rate and quieten the mind. This practice can help you to find the rhythm in your spirituality, empowering inner peace and stimulating mental and physical recovery.

b. Beginning with count breathing is a process dissimilar in many ways to counting sheep. Tallying the breath separates the inner consciousness from the ego, allowing mental focus on respiration only, promoting a blank canvas where peace and inner calmness form.

c. Beginning with body awareness promotes separation between the mind and the physical frame. Leaving the form or melting into an individual's body through guidance to find direction within. The imaginative practice enables you to visualise a spiritual connection and bypass the ego consciousness in a positive way to your heart consciousness.. 

Meditating is an opportunity to reconnect with self-love, relationships, balance, and peace. The mind, body, and soul work collectively to relax the conscious, forming a place for relaxation, healing, and prosperity. Time must be invested in oneself in order to nurture the path of life.

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