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Uncover the answers you seek with Oracle Card Meditation

Angelic tarot and  Oracle Card Meditation has the power to give you the clarity to ask the questions you seek answers to. Feel guided to the answers that live in your inner being with messages from your higher energy sources through Divination, signs, colours, mantras, words and illustrations of oracle cards. 

What is Oracle or Tarot Card Meditation?

If you find yourself in a situation or with an issue where you may feel stuck or torn, angelic tarot and Oracle Card Meditation can help you uncover the answers and guidance you seek from your inner being. During this meditation, you will enter a very sacred space. You will then attune, relax and set your intention to receive the answers or just take a journey into the future. Here you will connect with higher sources of energy from your inner being, your heart

 consciousness and uncover the answers or guidance you seek. 


Benefits of the Practice

Understand your challenges

The Divine has guided you here. Are you experiencing a situation or issue where you feel stuck? From relationships to day-to-day life, this feeling can make itself present in any aspect of life. Do you desire clarity on your thoughts, feelings, and looping questions? You're in the right place. 


If you’re not attuned with your thoughts, you’re not aware, meaning your ego-consciousness will automatically try to fill in the answers even if you actually don’t know the answers. You must remember not all your experiences are entirely real, your ego consciousness will draw on things you’ve read, heard, seen, etc. It cannot distinguish between nonfiction and fiction creating an unbalanced view. Reconnect with your inner being by Oracle Card Meditation and take back control of your ego-consciousness. 

Department of Neurology, UCLA, 2015

Uncover your answers

Your inner being knows all the answers but you must be open to going on the journey to uncover them. You will discover your inner being, your heart consciousness as your connection to the Divine energies of enlightenment, and your connection to your internal dimensions. All the answers lie in your sacred place. 


You will receive insightful answers from your higher energy sources through Divination, this may come in subtle ways from feelings and thoughts to songs & symbols. You will know when this moment comes, a feeling that beams out like a joyous grace. You will discover your clarity within the answers.

White Sand and Stone
“I am sorry, I thank you, I forgive you, I love you
It turns out loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself
And as you improve yourself, you improve your world”
(Dr Ihaleakala Hew Lin)

How will it work?

The Oracle Card Meditation Session

What does an Oracle Card Mediation Session entail?

1. Connect with your inner energy vibration

Julie’ Angelic or Oracal Card Meditation sessions are held within a sacred space, so, therefore, are confidential and non-judgemental. 

Prior to the meditation you and Julie will have a chat where you will be asked to set your intentions. Julie will intuitively be guided to determine the best modalities to be used for you to uncover your answers. 

Julie will then take you into a peaceful, safe, and loving space by introducing you to a magical personal meditation where you will learn to quieten your ego-mind and connect with your inner energy vibration. Your sacred space is unique to you, it holds your energy, imagination, desires and is where you’re connected to review the answers Through gentle guidance Julie will hold this sacred space for you allowing you to explore. 

Tarot Card Deck

2. Oracle Card Selection

The oracle card will be magically blessed and selected. The higher divine energies are called upon to guide you to discover more and help you to uncover the owners through curious and fun questions. The oracle messages will unfold in form of colours, symbols, words, illustrations, numbers, or mantras. Your uniqueness is made from you and your energies and three important components: physical, psychological, and spiritual. It will be your unique interpretation that will uncover the messages and give you the clarity you are seeking..

3. Finding the Answers

The answers will unfold magically based on the intention you set prior to the meditation. The list is endless, it may be centred around family, home, job, business, love, money, health, lifestyle, 12-month forecast or to just enrich you with prosperity.


There is no limitation to the wisdom and enlightenment of soulistic messages. After all, it is your unique interpretation that will uncover the answers you seek. 

Image by Yeshi Kangrang
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