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Healing Centre

“When clients embark on a new more positive life path – the joy it brings has an affect on everyone around them.”

“My life’s journey lead me to realise my passion was in helping others unravel the negative experiences, which lead to the fears that hold them back from achieving their utmost potential. The satisfaction and joy I feel when a person can move forward with their life in a positive way are why I do this work.

Over the years, I have worked and studied with highly recognised and leading-edge therapists in the industry of metaphysical, physical, psychological, neurological and natural therapies. Learning alongside and having access to their advanced knowledge and experience has allowed me to use and combine a variety of these innovative therapies. These approaches to healing problematic situations in peoples lives are having undeniable positive results.

My goal as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist is to help clients understand and overcome their issues, leading them toward self-empowerment. When we are empowered we are more in touch with the things we passionate about in life and able to follow the path to the unfolding of that passion.”

Julie Hogan Healing Centre
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