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Touching the Surface


Julie as a hypnotherapist

My goal as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist at the Hypnotherapy Healing Centre is to help our clients to understand and overcome their issues, leading them towards self-empowerment. When we are empowered, we are more in touch with the things we are passionate about in life and able to follow the path to the unfolding of that passion.

Professional hypnotherapy

Set in a calming environment, Hypnotherapy Healing Centre practices professional Clinical Hypnotherapy by a fully qualified hypnotherapist. With Hypnotherapy deep recesses of the subconscious mind are accessed – enabling the clearing of outdated patterns and beliefs, igniting our natural self-healing processes to re-function.

Heal the issue at the source

Research supports through combining traditional medicine and clinical hypnotherapy, clients may heal faster. It also suggests that the final results of combined therapy are superior to clinical medicine alone. The research indicates that while traditional medicine heals the alignment, Hypnotherapy may, in fact, heal the source of the issue.

The trance state

Even though when in trance, the conscious mind is bypassed to the subconscious mind, clients can always choose to come back into the conscious mind at any time he or she chooses.

Clients are completely safe, and 100% in control at all times. You will have complete recollection of the events and the ability to exit the trance at any time of your choosing. Clients will not say or do anything while in a trance, that they would not say or do when in a conscious state. No one can ever be stuck in a trance (this is a myth).​

How does hypnotherapy help?

During hypnotherapy, clients go deep into their subconscious memory. Here, we unravel feelings, thought patterns and beliefs. Clients may discover why, when or where their boundaries or habits were formed.
Through understanding, clearing and overcoming the stresses produced by our unconscious memories, we re-wire the brain by creating new neurological pathways. This is all done at the subconscious level whilst under hypnosis, facilitated by an experiences therapist.

When these new neurological patterns form, they open up positive routes within the client's brain - replacing old, outdated memories and ending the old cycles. This results in a reinvigorated, healthy state of mind, body and soul.

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