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See what people are saying about Australian author Julie Hogan's books!

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My three children love reading Josie Goes to the Moon, it is a simple little book with beautiful illustrations. My children love counts down and blast off the best.

A little book with messages to be inquisitive and ask silly questions, to help broaden children’s imagination. A great little book for early learners.

—Jacinta Amundsen


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My then 2-year-old absolutely loved This book Josie Goes to The Moon. When I read it to him, the engaging pictures kept him engaged through the book. The simple but fun text meant he was listening and enjoying the story. It was short and simple so he did not lose focus and he often wanted to go back and redo the spaceship count down as this was his favourite.

As he grew older and started learning to read, it was a perfect book to help him to read. Such a perfect nighttime reading book for many ages.

—Heidi Hayward

Mum/Business Development Manager 

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